Well, here we are again! The Bunny Splendor recently entered dry-dock for the second time in her life yesterday. This time though she will emerge with a whole new look! Here are the details of what will be changed during her dry-dock...
- Diamond Lounge will be transformed into Starlight Lounge Bar.
- Buffet windowed wall facing Lido will be removed and replaced with "open air" setting.
- Promenade area will be added to both sides of the ship on Deck 2, with a plaza style setting.
- Skylights will be added into both the Starlight Lounge and Sunflower Lido Buffet.
- Decorative arches will be removed from Lido pool area.
- Windows on the front of the ship have been replaced with a much nicer panoramic window.

Now here are some pictures of her progress...
Well, thats it for today! I will try to write a blog at least once a week as long as people read it this summer. We will have exciting news about the Bunny Eclipse coming up soon, so stay tuned for that! Have a great weekend!

Hello My name is Thomas. I have been greatly inspired by your fleet of ships. That is why I am going to create my own ciuse line. I will found the Guinea Pig Cruise Lines, which will be the most esteemed fleet in the animal business. I plan it to be the next Cunard line (of the animal world). You will see my site and youtube acout in 2012.

7/16/2011 04:06:13 am

Hey Thomas!
I was so happy when I read this comment, I was so glad that I was able to inspire you! If you need any help or tips when starting your fleet please feel free to contact me at mikeyfaust@gmail.com. I am so excited to see your fleet in 2012!

Alex Ramirez
8/26/2011 08:09:18 pm

Mikey Faust,
what do you think i should name my first ship of my own bunny are hedgehog cruise line fleet. because i all ready drew the deign of the ship and the keel was laid down 1 day ago. so what do you think i should name it? the bunny eclipse or the bunny wind or the bunny allure same for the hedgehog names also do you think that it should be be bunny cruise lines or hedgehog cruise line the first 3 ships are going to be 20ft or more long. so please write back.

alex ramirez
8/26/2011 08:47:03 pm

also i have decide that i will make hedgehog cruise line. i have been inspired to make a cruise line for hedgehog because of mikey Faust and the first ship will be called HEDGEHOG DREAM also the second ship will be called HEDGEHOG EPIC and the first ships will be 10'6 long and will be the NCL, Cunard line, and the royal caribean combined cruise line of the animal world and i ask Mikey Faust to be the god father of the first ship HEDGEHOG DREAM. also the ships would start to sail in Nov.2011 and i will be the most esteemed fleet in the animal cruise line industry. also i will make a website. people have Cunard hedgehogs have hedgehog cruise lines and people have NCL animals have hedgehog cruise line. also could sever bunny and Guinea pigs and hamsters. my youtube account and website will be in late 2011 or 2012

alex ramirez
8/26/2011 08:51:29 pm

i will also make more ship too.


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