Recently you may have noticed that we have acquired a new ship, Bunny Majesty, and you might be thinking, "Where did that come from! It was so quick, and there was no announcement of a new ship!" Well recently we acquired ms. Zuiderbun from Dutch America Line (which is no longer operating) and gav her some small modifications to become the 5ht BCL ship. We are very glad to have her as our newest and 5th cruise ship. Now, here are some pictures from her transformation in Venice, Italy. 
Well, here we are again! The Bunny Splendor recently entered dry-dock for the second time in her life yesterday. This time though she will emerge with a whole new look! Here are the details of what will be changed during her dry-dock...
- Diamond Lounge will be transformed into Starlight Lounge Bar.
- Buffet windowed wall facing Lido will be removed and replaced with "open air" setting.
- Promenade area will be added to both sides of the ship on Deck 2, with a plaza style setting.
- Skylights will be added into both the Starlight Lounge and Sunflower Lido Buffet.
- Decorative arches will be removed from Lido pool area.
- Windows on the front of the ship have been replaced with a much nicer panoramic window.

Now here are some pictures of her progress...
Hey everybody, its Mikey here, Chairman and CEO, and Captain of all 3 ships! Just wanted to post some pictures here today of the progress so far here on the Bunny Splendor. Today we were able to install the new poolside bar, and install the shade, art, decoration thingies (not sure if that's spelled correctly, probably not) above the pool deck. We have also installed the new decorative cable from the bow to the funnel. Tomorrow we should be able to finish all renovations and possibly move on to the Bunny Joy. I will post some of these picture below in a few lines. I wanted to say real quick, that the Bunny Star is out of dry-dock and has completed all renovations for now, I will post some of these pictures of the completed Bunny Star tomorrow. Now here are your pictures: